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  • What other language does the school teach?
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    Florence Day Schools, is teaching French as a second language as a way of broadening pupils communication skills and to give them opportunity to pursue it as a career in the future....
  • Florence Day Schools Primary Section
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    The primary curriculum is the basis for what your child learns every day, and it’s probably changed a lot since you were at school! You’ll find lots of useful resources in this section to help you understand what your child is being taught, how and when they’ll be...

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Learning is a continuous process and education is a tool to equip one for life. Education sets a child in the way of protecting him or her self in a vast and complicated society from which he or she cannot escape from. Therefore, choosing a wrong school is dangerous and...

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School's Rules & Regulations:

1). Pupils are to use only the school's stationary. (Exercise Books)
2). Pupils are to wear only Brown Sandals.
3). Parents can only visit the teacher in the class during Open Day.
4). School resumes 8.00 am and closes 3.30 pm. Closing time for Friday is 1.45 pm.
5). All cases of illness, or happenings necessitating absence from school must be reported to the Head Teacher.
6). No Child can leave the school before the official closing time, unless after due consultation with the Head Teacher and special permission obtained by the child's parent or guardian.
7). A child is expected to wear School uniform from Monday to Thursday and the sports wear only of Fridays.
8). The school must be notified in writing of a child's withdrawal. The child must not be a debtor, failure which the school will take legal action to get her entitlement.
9). All fees should be paid on or before resumption. Non payment of fees within four weeks of resumption will automatically result in the child being sent home.