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Florence Day Schools Sections & Classes

Florence Day Schools consist of different sections and classe. The Classes and Sections offered by Florence Day Schools is listed as follows: 1). Creche Section 2). Reception Section 3). Kinder-Garten Section 4). Nursery 1 5). Nursery 2 6). Primary Section 7). Junior Secondary (JSS1-3) 8). Senior Secondary (SS1-3) Please see each section for details of…
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Florence day Schools Mission & Vision

Mission: Florence day Schools was established to make the child to be able to develop his or her potential to the fullest. Effecting a suitable environment for a smooth transition from home to the school. In-fact, to give the child an all round educational development. That is preparing the child for primary level of Education…
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Florence Day Schools History

Florence Day Schools was founded in january 1994 at 13 Olu Obadare crescent Alakuko of Lagos State. The School was founded by Mrs Florence Bolanle Olakanle. At first, we started off as a Nursery and Primary School. The founder of the school has some reason for setting up this institution. These reasons includes the following:…
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