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Learning is a continuous process and education is a tool to equip one for life. Education sets a child in the way of protecting him or her self in a vast and complicated society from which he or she cannot escape from.

Florence Day Schools should give a child his or her first experience of living in a society. That is why a child must learn in a conducive environment where his or her intellect can be tapped and be fully developed.

Therefore, choosing a wrong school is dangerous and can adversely affect that child's future. At Florence Day Schools, we have a team of dedicated and hard working managers ranging from highly qualified teachers to well trained non academic staff who leave no stone unturn in ensuring that every child admitted into the school remain happy in both academics and in day to day dealings with others.

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    Our school encourages the use of contemporary learning tools to support student engagement and learning. Interactive / touchscreen computers, iPads, iPods, applemacs, Chromebooks and desktop computers are used widely throughout the school as part of the everyday learning and teaching programs.
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    We strive to release the potential in every child. Our dream is to provide each and every child with a sound, well rounded quality education.
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    Contact us to schedule a time to visit our school. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and learn more about our facility and what we offer. The initial site visit is scheduled in the evening after school closure from 3 pm to 4.30 pm
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      A child is to bring a snack and lunch meal and a water bottle. Parents can also write down specific instruction inside the communication form online to inform the Educator of any concerns.
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        Beads and rubber bands are not allowed on children’s hair to avoid choking. Sporting clothing is also available for sports days.
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    If you'd like, another site visit can be scheduled for your child to interact with the Educators, Caregivers and the other toddlers for about 10 minutes. Classroom inspection is available only on Saturdays on an appointment basis. Inspection is limited to the classroom of interest.
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    For the Girls, they wear a White customized Peter pan Blouse and a blue Pinafore with a cross colored tie, black pantyhose and black shoes.
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    Welcome to Florence Day Schools.

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