Florence Day Schools Primary Section

In Nigeria, it is called Primary or Elementary Stages. In this Stage, exams are conducted to show a child’s performance in the different areas of study as prescribed by the curriculum that we operate. This assessment is done by the Child’s Teacher after ensuring all topic areas have been taught and understood in the classroom.

Key Stage 1 ( Year 1 Admission)

A child enrolled must be 5 years by 1st September on entry into this Section. Enrollment is done on a first come first serve basis.

An enrolment fee of N20,000.00 is made via Florence Day Schools Bank account. No cash is accepted within the school premises.
Afterwards, the parent is to provide the last teacher’s report and the child will be assessed based on classroom behavior and core knowledge in Numeracy and Literacy.

Entry Testing

Each child must attain a minimum score of 50% in Literacy and Numeracy to gain admission.

You will be required to fill an application form with all your personal details. Please note that we comply with our (data protection policy) to protect all the information provided to Florence Day schools.

You will also have access to the online parent handbook with outlines of our school’s Mission, Vision and Privacy Policies. We brief training on how to use the school portal will be scheduled to familiarize you with the online system on how to monitor your child’s progress, lesson plans, payment of fees, E-learning, e-library and so much more.

The primary curriculum is the basis for what your child learns every day, and it’s probably changed a lot since you were at school! You’ll find lots of useful resources in this section of the site to help you understand what your child is being taught, how and when they’ll be assessed and what the different levels mean, how to interact with the school and what support the school will expect you to be providing at home.

In line with the lagos state ministry of Education and in accordance with National schools curriculum across the federal republic of Nigeria, Florence Day Schools operate a primary section with subjects listed as follows:

1). English Language, 2). Mathematics, 3). Science & Technology, 4). Agricultural Science, 5). Social Studies, 6). History, 7). Yoruba, 8). Cultural & Creative Art, 9). Physical & Health Education, 10). Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK), 11). Poem, 12). Computer, 13). French, 14). Writing, 15). Literature, 16). Verbal Reasoning, 17). Qualitative Reasoning, 18). Home Economics, 19). Music, 20). Diction

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    We are Committed to Bringing About the Total Development of each Pupil, Student: Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual, Social, Emotional, and Physical. To Empower the Students, Pupils Through Education, Helping them Achieve their God given Potentials in Spiritual Formation and Learn Leadership Skills for the Service of God and Humanity.

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