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  • Heritage and Values

    Heritage and Values

    At At Florence Day Schools, we constantly ensure that our heritage and values are protected. Our students have embraced the…

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  • Academic


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  • Home away from Home

    Home away from Home

    We provide a comfortable, nurturing, and protected “home away from home” where your baby can thrive and grow from a…

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  • Mentorship program

    Mentorship program

    Furthermore, our mentor-ship program is tailored towards the child development stage. We have an entrusted team of staff who work…

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  • Creche material

    Creche material

    Due to the use of creche material in school on a daily basis, the creche approach provides avenue for the…

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  • Florence Day Schools

    Florence Day Schools

    I, therefore, invite you to explore what Florence Day Schools has to offer you through our website and discover what…

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  • Become independent

    Become independent

    In order for the pupils to improve in their performance through the highly individualized and practical oriented method of learning…

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  • important event

    important event

    Florence Day Schools identified an important event that must be conquered in each stage before progression to the next stage…

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