Reception Section

This is Our Foundation Class, a child enrolled into this section must be at least 4 years and 6 months old on entry into this Section. Enrollment is done strictly on a first come first serve basis( except for toddlers with already enrolled siblings in the Early Years or Junior school).

You are welcomed to Contact us and  schedule a time to visit our school premises. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and learn more about our facilities and what we offer.

Your initial school visit is scheduled in the evening after school closure from 3 pm to 4.30 pm. If you'd like, another school visit, it can be scheduled for your child to interact with the experienced Educators, Caregivers and the other toddlers for about 10 to 15 minutes. Classroom inspection is available only on Saturdays on an appointment basis. Inspection is limited to the classroom of interest.

A child is to bring a snack and lunch meal and a water bottle. Parents can also write down specific instruction inside the communication handbook to inform the Educator of any specific concerns about the child. Children admitted into the Reception section are required to wear our school’s uniform.

For the Girls, they wear a White customized Peter pan Blouse and a blue Pinafore with a cross colored tie, black pantyhose and black shoes. Beads and rubber bands are not allowed on children’s hair to avoid choking. Sporting clothing is also available for sports days.

For the Boys, they wear a white customized Shirt and a pair of blue Trousers, a cross colored tie, a pair of black socks and black shoes. A simple low cut hairstyle with no color is required. Sporting clothing is also available for sports days.

An enrollment fee of N15,000.00 is made via Florence Day Schools bank account. This fee will cover admission form and portal admission. No cash is accepted within the school premises.

You will be required to fill an application form with all your details. Please note that we comply with our (data protection policy) to protect all the information provided to Florence Day Schools.

You will also have access to the online parent portal with outlines of the school’s Mission, Vision and Privacy Policies. We give a brief training on how to use the school portal to familiarize you with the school system on how to monitor your child’s progress, lesson plans, payment of fees, E-Learning, e-library and so much more.

The current classroom capacity is 15:1 with the maximum capacity at 15. Once each arm attains its maximum capacity, enrollment will be closed. This class has a flexible Caregiver.

If there aren't any available spaces, your child’s name can be placed on the waiting list by filling out our online contact form with a commitment of 60% of the fees required. As soon as there is an opening, the parent will be notified. As regards refund of the deposited 60%, terms and conditions apply. Please discuss with the school Bursar on what your options are.

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